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JingleJam 2019 game submission.

The year is 2077. You are DITHERCAT. Your useless incompetent owner can't get food themselves. You GIVE them the gift of digested birds. Before you GIVE the digested birds to your owner, you have to eat them first. However, you are susceptible to gaining weight. The chunkier the you get, the bouncier you are. Don't reach maximum CHONK levels, or you'll fly off to space!

Team: Anette Vavrova, Dirk de Kok, Joaquin Aguilera, Raaf Polman, Roy Bomhof

Sharky and Palp Modifier: You carry some dead weight around with you constantly. It serves no purpose, but you must always get to the end with it. (Think companion cube from portal)

Barry Modifier: Harry wants you to go back in time! Can you give your game the visual stylings of the 80’s with the Vaporwave theme?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsTyshe, roydev, Dirk
Tags2D, Cats, Game Jam, Pixel Art, Retro, Synthwave, vaporwave, yogscast, yogscastgamejam


DitherCatPolished3.zip 36 MB

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